Food by-products collection

SAPI Feed provides a great quality service and environmental value oriented to the collection of food waste. We currently are one of the leading companies of the sector.

The past years, SAPI FEED has been investing in technology and facilities to improve the quality of its services. The objective is to provide our clients-slaughter houses, supermarkets, butchers and food processing industry players- a pick-up of their by-products based on their necessities with guaranteed traceability during the whole process.

Because of our companies, we have the capability and conditions to offer a service for the collection of meat and fish by-products in the whole peninsula. Moreover, we are specialized in the recovery and recycling of products and food containers from the retail sector. We can do this due to a vast experience in the management of packaged food from supermarkets and food processing industry players.

All the services offered by SAPI Feed are carried out ensuring the strictest compliance with state and community law that regulates our activity.