We process daily animal by-products to obtain a high-quality fat and processed animal protein intended for the animal feed sector.

Fats and oils

We produce and commercialize different types of animal fat, from our facilities in Spain and other companies from the our parent company SAPI. We also commercialize vegetable oils and used vegetable oil.

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Processed animal protein

We obtain and commercialize meals (processed animal protein) with different levels of protein through a careful industrial process that is subjected to strict quality controls.

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Food by-products collection

We specialize in the recovery and recycling of by-products deriving from supermarkets and food processing industries.

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SAPI International

SAPI Feed was created in Spain the year 2000 as part of SAPI S.P.A., an Italian company with international presence that nowadays is one of 10 largest companies worldwide in the render industry.

SAPI Feed S.A. Group

We have 4 production facilities and 8 warehouses in Spain.

We offer ours services across the national geography through the different companies of our group. We process daily the collected animal by-products, to prevent them from deteriorating and to obtain a high-quality end product.